14 Most creepy photos


At the first glance, it is all right on this picture: a few divers who enjoy diving. Nevertheless, the background diver lies on the bottom separate from the others. Few people realize that in fact the background – is the […]

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Top 10 Most unusual varieties of cucumbers


Almost everybody at least once has heard the comparison “like a cucumber”. But usually we think about crunchy green and sweet cucumber from our grandma’s gardens, and not the examples that we provide in the review. These cucumbers are so […]

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Curious Facts


Cool collection of curious facts from the series “A single thread from everyone” will distract you from the harsh realities of this life! Watch and discuss!

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Top 10 Most Unusual People on Earth


Our planet is striking in its diversity, and sometimes we see things that, seemingly, came to us from a parallel universe. Among them are people whose amazing stories, unusual appearance or strange things attract everyone’s attention and become a small […]

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Top 10 Most Famous “living dolls”

5Anastasia Shpagina

Women’s striving to improve their appearance is driven by the desire to please men. Since childhood, a girl sees a standard of beauty thin, trim, flawless Barbie doll. But in the world, there are people who have become the victim […]

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