Top 4 the Most Terrible Archaeological Finds

People with weak nerves can never become archaeologists, because sometimes archaeologists have to remove from the land, besides the usual shards, human remains, have been subjected to various rites or tortured, or at all, the bones of unknown animals.
  1. The worst mummies

Egypt is rich in variety of antiquities and artifacts and mummies are not uncommon there. But in 1886, a scientist named Maspero found a very interesting exhibit. The sarcophagus was poor, but it meant that the person buried here was not representative of the authority or significant person of his time. Archaeologist decided to get a mummy and put it in the museum after the test. And when he opened the coffin, he saw that the man’s body was wrapped in the skin of sheep only, and did not have the usual for that time attributes and decorations.

It is known that ancient Egyptians believed that sheepskins is a sign of malice and evil. Furthermore, the mummy hands were tied and its face safe a grimace of horror forever, and a scream mouth supplemented terrible picture. Then, in the 19th century, scientists have not found a clear explanation of what happened to this man. Most inclined to think that he was buried alive. Already today, experts explained the terrible face of the mummy that man after death merely forgot to tie up the mouth, so after rotting tissue formed scary mask.

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